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Commercial Refrigeration Services

Rocky Top One-Hour Heating & Air and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a leading HVAC-R Service & Replacement provider to Eastern TN. We value our Commercial Customers and understand that time can be an essence in Refrigeration. We pride ourselves in providing service excellence and hiring and retaining talent to provide our customers with trained and experienced technicians. Rocky Top One-Hour Heating & Air and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing also offers a very attractive Maintenance Plan customized to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

We provide Service for:

● Commercial Cooler Repair & Maintenance
● Walk-in Cooler Repair & Maintenance
● Commercial Freezer Repair & Maintenance
● Walk-in Freezer Repair & Maintenance
●Commercial Ice Machine Repair & Maintenance



Typical Services:

● Freon Leak Detection
● Freon Leak Repair
● Thermostat Replacement
● Check Temperature
● Compressor Repair/Replace
● Condenser Repair/Replace
● Refrigerant Recovery/Disposal
●Refrigerant Leak Check

● Refrigerant Leak Repair
● Evaporator Coil Repair/Replace
● Evaporator Fan Repair
● Condenser Fan Repair
● Nitrogen Leak Check
● Pressure Control Repair/Replace
● Defrosting Frozen Coils
● Service/Repair Defrost Heaters

● Fan Motor Service/Replace
● Condenser Coil Cleaning
● Refrigeration Maintenance
● Refrigeration Repair
●Reach-in Cooler Repair
● Reach-in Freezer Repair
● Beverage Chiller System Repair
● Commercial Chiller Service/Repair
● Ice Machine Service/Repair
● Refrigerated Warehouse Service