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Rocky Top Air Commercial Services has built a network of service providers across the nation which allows us to offer solutions that enable your business to enjoy the highest levels of performance from your facility’s systems. We can provide the expertise you need whether you are installing new equipment, maintaining and existing system or completely upgrading your infrastructure.


Rocky Top Air can help improve your profitability by ensuring that your equipment is working at its peak performance. We provide comprehensive services for maintaining your systems, improving reliability, and monitoring critical building functions such as temperature and air quality. We will deliver Seasonal Equipment Inspections which include:

  • Spring Inspection – Air condition Start-up & Exhaust Equipment
  • Summer Inspection – Replace filters, belts & lubricate key components
  • Fall Inspection – Heating Start-up & Exhaust Equipment
  • Winter Inspection – Replace filters, belts & lubricate key components

Rocky Top Air Commercial Services provides a range of offerings that will upgrade and improve your infrastructure. We can help you replace or upgrade equipment, or simply keep your systems running at maximum efficiency to minimize service calls, eliminate surprises and control your total cost of operation. Rocky Top Air can even show you how to finance today’s improvements with the funds you’ll save on energy costs in the future.

We will work with you to select the major components and systems in your facility that you want Rocky Top Air to manage. We will help you consider acceptable performance ranges, reliability and risk tolerance to determine the level of coverage you require.

Commercial Refrigeration

We service all major brands & models of commercial refrigeration and use only high quality parts. Count on our highly skilled, experienced technicians to have commercial refrigeration unit fixed ASAP.  To schedule an appointment, simply contact us to request service online, or call to speak with one of our team members.